Friday, April 13, 2012

10 Perhentian

Sounds interesting kan the title..ok maybe its interesting for me because I'm the victim of the scene. So it started when my mid semester break holidays begin. I planned to go to JB to meet my friends there and yes it is not a wedding purpose trip hehe..just wanna hang out. So I went to malacca central to pick up my ticket and luckily there's a bus I can simply hop on straightly. On my 2 and a half hour journey before I reached jb there was a 60++ Indonessian Chinese uncle sitting next to me. Uncle tu sangat la baik walaupun kami kadang2 ada masalah komunikasi. ye saya bukan pandai pon bahasa indon..and the uncle is from jakarta dimana indon mereka sangatlah pekat kan.. saya tengok sinetron pon kalau takde subtitle kat bawah mmg xpaham kot haha. Uncle Mulyadi (which is his real name) was heading to Singapore visiting his friends and two of his sons are still studying at Singapore taking business. Oh I forgot to mention that uncle has his own company in Jakarta and his first son is managing his business now and he sends three of his sons studying at Singapore seawal usia 6tahun..gila la uncle ni haha...why u not send ur sons school at jakarta?

But nevermind la, although we only talk about 2hours but I gained a lot from our little conversation. Orang tua banyak la pengalaman kan. I talked how my relationship problem was, sampai satu tahap dia cakap, " senang2 alin kawen sama anak uncle saja la..anak uncle dua org itu belum punya pacaran lagi". Nak gelak lak aku dengar haha.

Ok then, I reached jb and my highschool friend ameerah (best called as ameer) picked me up and I spend a night at her house. We had our little pillow talk like we were 15 and not realizing the fact that we're already reaching 23!!oh how time runs fast. It just seems like yesterday we had our qiamulail program at school and when the time comes where our usrah sisters told us to sleep, kami berbual2 hehe.

The next day, we planned to go to nusajaya as ameer's sister told us the place has a good view, best for taking pictures. So first we drove to sabihah's place at UTM (I used to lived here too, our dads are college fellows) and head straight to nusajaya. Kami ikut je signboard kononnya nak ikut jalan baru last2 jalan tu tutup. The nearest place we saw is jusco bukit indah. So thinking about I have to catch my bus at 6pm so we stopped there, had lunch and  while the three of us were having lunch, Ameer suggests to make a visit to our newlywed ain's house. Such a sudden that we called ain, she was out with her husband so she said that she would come to jusco instead. We had our girls chit chat time and totally ignoring ain's husband..sian plak tengok dia main fon sorang2..xpela tunggu kami kahwin nanti jadi anda tidaklah bosan sangat ihik3 (gelak menyampah+kuat berangan la ini orang)
sabihah, my bestfriend at smih

seafood curry laksa..besar gila mangkuk

ameerah, we've been close since  our matriculation days

with our newlywed friend, pn ain hehe

 My next stop is at perhentian sri putri. My bus is at 8.00pm and we had to wait for 45 minutes kat tepi jalan. Thanx to ameerah and sabihah yang sudi tunggu saya sampai saya selamat naik bus. I reached Malacca around 11pm and slept like a cicak kubeng after a very tiring day..the next day I continued my journey back to kuantan. I have to drove to bangi to park my car there and took a bus to kuantan. The frustrating part is that I did not manage to get a ticket from kajang to kuantan so I have to spend a night at bangi before tagging along with my aunt to work at KL and buy a ticket at hentian pekeliling. Luckily saya dapat ticket on the spot and hopped on straightly.

After a very..I mean a VERY leceh journey finally I reached kuantan, my hometown for the last 5 years, the place where I can really calm myself down and jumpa my fluffy2 cats hehe. Ok, time to spend bits and pieces of my semester breaks before facing loads of tests and assignments. And this means LESS SLEEP..(sigh~)
a date with my sis..then we hit the movies..cte 'the hunger games' first movie in this semester

we had seafood lasagna and calamari rings..ok tp ini pic pinggan kosong hehe

oh not to mention..melepaskan rindu pada team fluff2

masa cuti pon bawak buku lebih dari baju..hati tak tenang memikirkan test2 sekalian

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