Monday, September 15, 2008

my sister is a great movie maker & my brother shuffles big time

so what makes me then?huhu nevermind.k talking bout them that I would like to boast u all how great there r(yeke?).my older sis jasmine has a passion of making movies since her teenage years. I remember her first attempt is 'The First Paper' which is when she was form 4. then she successfully made the hari raya movie which performs both sides of our family rembau n gombak...actually dia dah wat byk gak clips tp xkn aku nk listkn rite so I will only touch on her latest movie..'The Wanted'..kinda great movie..but its just the preview she created so far..yg lain dlm proses pembikinan hehe..cite psl 5 org dipilih utk cari srg penjahat la cmtu..dye kumpul2 edit2 scenes n edit 2 n BAMM!! 1 movie created haha....

the face of the creator..hihihi..she is really into japanese stuff

k we move on to my brother..mula2 ntah pape la aku tgk dye ni cm kelam kabut je haha..actually I really don't know wat is shuffling tapi u should see this vid he uploaded at utube..habis segala org yg dtg dye bg tjk huhu lyn aku rase ada gak la kelebihan dye wat keje tu..atleast dye kurus sket..I mean he can lost like 7kg spe2 nk krs tu rajin2kn diri wat ni hikhik..

handsome tak adik aku?hahaha

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