Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello Samsung L100, Happy Birthday Nisrina!!

so one day I went out with my dad, bro n sis..pusing2 kat mega buying our baju raya..ktorg bkn suka2 sng je nk dpt that camera,tp dh rancang awal2 b4 asalnya nk beli one of those sony cybershots coz it looks so cool hehe..but after comparing with other brands like olympus,canon as well as benQ, finally we decided for a pink samsung 8.1megapixel camera. We all thought it was worth it..sebelum ni ktorg mmg ada camera sedia ada we bought on 2002 a canon Ixus 2megapixels(skrg hp pun ada yg 5mp kn) and I thought it weigh like 2kg haha..but hey we still use it afterhaving the whole day with dad,.and after buka puasa at home(which my mom made her special lasagna yumm) and after we had our tarawikh prayers, aunt mia which is our neighbour invited us to her little daughters birthday party at secret recipe..i say the place which makes me gain weight haha but watever org da belanja kn kte lyn je la kn..dh la bru pas bke, pas solat hentam lak kek bgs la tu hihi..
the birthday girl nina...
japanese soba we share2 je cz dh kenyang..seriously it doesnt look like the real japanese soba
I just can't resist this new york cheese cake

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