Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sheffield Games and Manchester

 After our day trip at Swansea, we spent a night at amira's place in Cardiff where that night she and her housemates treat us their home cook chicken rice and also invited usop along...the next day, we went to Manchester with usop together with hazwan the emcee of the night where there was a session between khairy jamaluddin and the students in Manchester.

The next day we went to Sheffield to attend the students annual Sheffield Games where malaysia students across the country will team up to compete against each university group. We had a great time watching the game especially when it comes to 'mengusha' orang haha.. I love these kind of activities eventhough I am not a part of it but having to be present in the event was such a bless for me.. at there we met Ruslan, the guy from Swansea (ala yg bawak kitorang tour tu) who participate at the football match (his team was pretty good actually since they made it to semi finals) and also intan together with her Birmigham mates..
from right : hana, intan, me and hawa..yes matahari sangatlah terik walaupon sangatlah sejuk 

sekitar kawasan 

 ini antara final game yang agak aku suka tengok..come on basketball kot!!guys look hot in this game haha..ok mood gatal lagi

So after the game ended, we went to manchester to spend a night there..we were greet by post grad microbiology students and had dinner with them..mereka sangatlah ramah kot..and yes, manchester  is the second london..malaysians are everywhere!!!

thanks guys for the overwhelming treat :))

The next day we went to the most popular place at Manchester...Old Trafford!!! yeah the stadium of course...thanks to Taufiq one of my juniors back in high school that could play tour guide on that day..after we reached at the stadium, we bought the tickets for the staduim tour..aiman was so excited that he even wore a Man United jersey all the way...

The ticket cost us about 18pounds if I'm not mistaken...but for me I think its worth because its one of the biggest stadium in Britain..

awal-awal sampai pon dah boleh nampak muka excited aman tu...sejuk kot camne dia leh tahan..oh lupa..lemak tebal hahaha

ni lah taufiq..kakak dia dulu ialah classmate back in 2003-2005

ni kalau nak amek green screen..tapi seriusly mmg agak low la quality..mcm membazir..yela edit asal boleh je kan...
 yess I am here!!

supposedly tempat ni memang tak boleh nak duduk pon..tapi aman selamba je ikut geng2 arab yg pakai redah tu

 in the most wanted place to enter in the stadium..the changing room!! nak dapat pic cantik ni pon susah kot..kena tunggu orang lain blah dulu..tu pon masa snap yg tukang bawak tour tu cam panas je tgk kitorang..ahh lantak lah kan..ingat senang nak sampai sini

what we managed to grab..aku setakat beli sour candy yang harga 1 pound je asal hado kan..yg aiman pegang tu is a certificate to all of those who take the tour..

Ok finally settle satu post yang dah lama tertunggak..well being in a place where you have to balance four jobs in one time is really2  hectic....ok till next post

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