Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Self Make Up

Honestly when I go through my friends handbag usually I would find stuffs like foundation, mascara, lip gloss and eyeliner..oh not to mention compact powder is a must..Try to go through my handbag and you'll be disappointed ..there's a small note book and a pen which I jot down all of my expenses and schedule there, a bottle of plain water,  purse, phone, compact powder and a  lip balm..oh and my medications like panadol and clarinese for heavy flu..so basically the only make up I have is compact powder and lip balm..so yeah I admit that I'm not much of a make-up person..I had tried to use eye liners but I couldn't get my not pro hands into it so I decided to ditch them..

Last year I went to a Mary Kay talk with kak na (I was her childrens  personal tutor that time) at hotel seri malaysia and they taught how to self make up using their products..actually lebih pada nak tarik orang je masuk line business diorang..so here's the result of my self make up that I think that I look like a clown..yela muka nampak lain kan..

I usually don't like to take self close up pictures like duck face style because somehow I have this low self confidence in me that I just can't handle it..tp pics full body tu selalu sebab suka tengok baju apa yang aku pakai haha...so pics kat bawah tu adalah pics yang paling susah aku nak buat..

see my oily and selebet skin..this pic was taken dalam kereta on the way nak pergi kuala terengganu from kuantan..rasanya masa ni sengaja amek pic sorang sebab nak tengok kekilatan muka yang dapat dirasai

this one was taken straightly after the make up session..tak tahu nak describe nghoman eh camno

Ok bye...(tak tahu nak tutup cerita camne)

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