Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a Girl Wants

Recently I watch the movie which I have watch for like a million times and everytime I watch the movie there will be one part that I would start to burst into tears..but I didn't cry eventually, its just the feeling that you wanted to cry. The movie isn't the hindustan type, amanda bynes movies are mostly on romantic comedy and others that must have a drop of laughter in it. Briefly it's a story about a girl who lived with her mother and she never met her biological father. Ever since her 5th birthday she always hope that one day her father will come and celebrate her birthday together. Even so her father didn't know that she even existed. Then one day she decided to fly to England to visit her father, knowing that he got engaged and having a stepdaughter didn't broke her spirit to work things out with her father.....sampai situ saja sinopsis saya...
starring amanda bynes and collin farinth

I mean, every daughter wants to have that special relationship with their father right..the father daughter moment. I remember that my dad taught me to ride a bike without the help of the two mini tyres, how he took care if us during his study years when mom had to go to work, insult me when I'm doing stupid things and always ask me to tag along whenever he goes for a jog, or plays squash, badminton and stuffs.

 I define dad as an adventurous person as he likes to try new things and thats where I got it from..saya pon kira kaki jalan hehe..

I love my dad even though at some point I felt a little dissapointed with him but that doesn't change our relationship. I'll always be your little girl. Even though at the moment we have less time to spend together but whenever I feel down or emotionally not well, I'll reminisce the good old days I had with you...I love you ayah :)

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