Saturday, August 20, 2011

well said kak maria!!

ok this post slightly refers to my previous post, bout how to attract viewers by posting ur pretty gorgeous pictures by the hope gaining compliments such as "oh dear I love ur dress" and bla bla bla..for hijabers out there, whats your purpose on wearing hijab?to create video hijab tutorials by how lovely u wrap ur scarf?after the attention u get modelling jobs and then continue to inspire people about fashion...honestly don't kill people with fashion. People are racing just to be as fashionable as u are. there goes their savings for college or other important stuff. ok i did it again..the babbling stuff...all of u probably know maria elena the famous female hijab blogger. I first got a little 'menyampah' about how she is so into fashion stuff. but not until i got to know the scarflets, their dress up is way more daring than her. the scarflets, is a hijabers group and most of them blog about the way they style up. from my observation most of them bought their clothes from forever 21, cotton on, zara, the poplook, and it ain't that cheap I tell ya. I know its your money but like I said " don't kill people"...its ok to shop in modest. the scarflets also got the media's attention, so they were invited for special events,premier tickets to watch transformers sponsored by chevrolet, chelsea vs harimau malaya games sponsered by Naza and much more. I know it is an advantage for the media to promote by sponsoring them,coz they will write about it.(nampak permainan disitu)
I took this picture from one of the scarflets. u see how beautiful-rainbow they are

just to be honest, I dont hate u scarflets, it's ur blog u can do anything with it. Its just not fair to other bloggers out there who doesn't post about fashion but still inspires people a lot..dont push it too hard to be beautiful because whats important is inner beauty

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