Sunday, October 5, 2014


Its kinda hard to write when you don't have internet access at the home I'm currently living that is near to work so whenever I had the chance to go online on my laptop especially in bangi where the little kids are not at home or sleeping so I better get my fingers back on the keyboard..

Speaking of Cardiff, this was our second time stepping our foot at cardiff. Our first time when we were invited in a Malaysian Night event held by the students society..oh man the show was really superb!! I don't know how the students can spare they time after class to present a good show like that.

Our second trip to cardiff was actually paying a visit to our childhood friend amira which aiman literally knows her since he was 5 years old to be exact since her mom and my dad works at the same department so we spent a night at cardiff..the night we arrived amira and his friend which we once met at the malaysian night event as well took us for dinner at a halal steak restaurant..the good thing is it even has a special space for muslims to perform solat..oh I think the owner is muslim..bagus kan diorang ni...after dinner we just took a stroll through the city...

yg baju kuning tu nama dia yusof ataupon orang panggil dia usop sontorian lol...both of these guys orang kuat cardiff..dalam event2 kehormat diorang ni la in charge..rasanya usop ni head of kelab umno cardiff
I don't know what it is but I think its great!!

meet amira..second year student at University of Cardiff taking biomedical engineering..adik beradik dia memang pandai2 belaka..kakak dia dulu degree kat jepun sekarang masters kat aussie,..adik dia lagi dua orang both SBP, mana tak nya..mak ngn ayah dia both dah pangkat runs in the blood katakan...

end of our jalan2 town...

and now we go back to the first day we were in cardiff for malaysian night..sebenarnya lupa nak cite masa awal2 tadi...

these guys (yang baju kuning and sebelah aiman tu) accompanied us to the hall..both are taking medicine and still can get active with these kind of events..rasanya ISMA kot..tapi diorang tak join masuk hall tu...ada aktiviti lain rasanya...along with the director of Malaysion student department 

ini baru yang first time aiman reunite dengan amira..

before the hall was full

the title of the show

end of the show

ok thats the end of our cardiff story....moving on next is our Swansea trip...

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