Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Journey to Great Britain (Part 1) : How?

The title sounds so lame right..but its the only title that came up my mind when writing this post. And yes, it has been a while since I last blogged mainly because I didn't bring my precious laptop with me here and it makes the blogging thing more difficult as I have to sneak in my sister's laptop whenever she is sleeping or taking a shower ..macam sekarang ni la..that I won't know how long it would last.

Ok berbalik pada the real thing is..how did I get here?I mean being in the United Kingdom is so out of my reach..ni ha mek jah nak cerita.. you know my sister jasmine is pursuing her masters degree at Brunel University which is located at west London. She has been there since October 2013. That time  I was on my last semester of my bachelors degree and I figure that I really should take a long break after finishing my studies and having the greatest escape ever.

How did I get that much of money to support my trip?Well obviously I don't come from a wealthy family that easily gets what they want...so normal people like me would have to earn it..dan ya Allah kemanisannya lain macam tau bila kita travel pakai duit kita sendiri. If uolls kenal I or rajin baca blog I uolls tahu dari mana dapatnya pendapatan yang menjana kepada wang travel dan sebagainya..to make it short, being a part time tuition teacher and allowance from several programs that I joined helped me throughout this journey. and my brother airman had spared his practical training allowance for this trip

So on 3/2/2014 me together with my lil bro aiman went to a 13 hour flight from KLIA to Heathrow. Its been a long time since I last hop on an airplane so I kinda freak out a little..I can't even sleep the night before our flight..I think last time was during my matriculation years where I took a 45min flight from Penang to Kuantan..tapi tu macam tak dikira lah kan..45min punggung pon tak sempat nak rasa panas. Dalam 13jam flight economy yang agak sempit tu I really don't know what to do. I can't sleep, and although the food is superbly delicious, but you have to eat it really fast...tak best langsung la untuk seorang slow eater like me..tambah pula dengan this old couple that sat in front of us yang boleh dikatakan farts like every 1 hour...ok but thats about it.

To those yang malas nak baca perenggan panjang lebar diatas bolehlah baca caption pictures dibawah ye

with mama at KLIA on 3/2/2014 monday morning

yup me and my brother queuing up for our luggage
and the 13 hour flight begins..and here's what I did to kill time...

taking pictures of view from our seat..this was taken about 30 minutes after take off

and again...

until outside temperature reaches around -40 degrees..could you see the snow flakes sticking at my window?

subahanAllah this is soooo breathtaking...land fully covered with snow..I think this was around amsterdam if I'm not mistaken

and yeah the food was nice..and I got so bored that I always feel like eating all the time..asek panggil je akak stewardess tu  mintak air or juice

and I kept looking at this  like every hour..bila la nak sampai ni hoi..the fact that I can't sleep that makes me feel so bored that I forced myself to watch super boring movies so that I can fell asleep but tak jalan gak..oh did I mention that our 13 hour flight was literally 13 hour daylight? well yeah..

and part one if this post ended with a selfie taken by airman the brotha

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