Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sustainable, Renewable and Energy Management Field Trip

So this post is the sum up of my two semester class trip under our renewable energy trip last semester and the recent trip was when I joined another class trip which was only 8 students there so PM Juhari our lecturer invited the building maintenance class to join as well..

Last semester we went to Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) that was located at  UKM bangi..there we met our previous lecturer that continue his PHD there and he demonstrates us about his project..

tiub2 ni acts sbg perangkap heat and solar for energy and  boiler purpose

this one untuk generate energy konsep water wheel

the girls that me so theres 6 of us

belakang saya tu ialah rumah yang guna konsep total natural fans and air-conds 

As for our second destination..we went to Green Tech Building that is located still at bangi..I love how the people there are knowledge-well and very friendly..kalau tanya soalan even yang susah pon mereka still boleh jawab..our trip to the whole building was also worth the walk and clear explanation..just imagine their monthly electric bill is only rm1700 for a 4 storey building!! for a normal building it could cost almost rm10k for a month.. 

the rooftop and solar panel

For this semester, we went to suruhanjaya tenaga malaysia located at putrajaya..the trip was short and for me its kinda boring...the concept is still the same as green tech building but their staff in charge was macam kurang ilmu sikit..aku nampak muka prof juhari macam bosan sikit haha... 
basically kat luar mcm ni la bangunannya

beramai-ramai di rooftop

amek pic sorang2 kt pintu lobby..sengaja

while waiting for our bus to pick us up

our little fotogedik..

after that we headed for lunch at alamanda..this time lidah tekak aku teringin sangat nak makan subway..ajak yang girls lain join semua tak nak..maka aku sorang jela join with the guys makan..p/s: tengok vanco makan..haha

So I guess this may be our last class trip together since it will be their last semester for most of them..aku spesel case tambah lagi satu semester huhu..its sad but thats reality

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